Patrick Fischer, also known as MrShineyhead, is fast becoming a sought-after performer all around the country. His creative use of classifiers, gesture and engaging storytelling abilities delight audiences of all ages and diverse backgrounds.  In addition to touring with the National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) and performing with Northwest Theatre of the Deaf (NWTD), Patrick has performed solo across the nation, as well as joining such notable Deaf performers as Peter Cook and Crom Saunders on stage.  Patrick's innovative storytelling ability is captured beautifully on his DVD which includes a number of stories both lighthearted and of a darker nature. Audiences from far and wide will be talking about this amazing performer!!

My Artworks:

Teacher of the YearPresented by American Sign Language Teachers Association
Charlotte, North Carolina
July 2013
Upcoming Performances and Workshops

June 25-28, 2015
Workshop: Communications in the TechWorld in ASL, ASL Colloquialisms, Sign Mime, Mouthing Morphemes
Performance: A Storytelling Extravaganza!
Event Place: 36th World's Largest Silent Weekend (DrSign)
Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall
Orlando, Florida

July 17-19, 2015
Workshop: Famous Oath & National Anthem, Communications in the Technical World in ASL, English Idioms: How The Hell Do I Interpret That?, ASL Colloquailisms, Theater Interpreting
Performance: A Storytelling Extravaganza!
Event Place: 2015 ASL Immersion Silent Weekend
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Oregon

July 19-27, 2015
Director of Artistic Sign Language: The Count of Monte Cristo, Much Ado about Nothing, Head Over Heels
Event Place: Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Ashland, Oregon

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